Love is like air

It makes your breathing easier but there are times you struggle to breathe

Love is like a river

It makes your heartbeat calmer but can get your mind to blur

Love is like fire

It fills your heart with passion but if you’re careless it burns your thoughts

Love is like soil

It blossoms when you nurse it but it cracks if you neglect it


Passion is something else…


Passion is like dancing

It excites you when you first try it and keeps your heart alive

Passion is like a cigarette

It’s a desire you want to explore and can be highly addictive

Passion is like an animal

That wants to consume their pray and it struggles to be tamed

Passion is like a chocolate

It’s so pleasant to smell it and so delicious when you taste it

Passion is like a fireplace

Its warmth can be so soothing and makes the heat rise up

Passion is like two lips

They met so unexpectedly and they’re seeking for a kiss


Love passionetly!

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